APC 2016 Team MIT-Princeton

July 6, 2016


Our Team

Starting from left and in counter clock-wise order: Peter Yu, Orion Taylor, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Andy Zhen (Princeton), Ed Walker (Princeton), Alberto Rodriguez (Leader), Elliott Donlan, Francois Hogan, Roman Kolbert, Ferran Alet, and Maria Bauza.

Our Robot

One uniqueness of our solution is the integration of several picking strategies in one single end-effector or grasper. Unlike many teams that decided to go for a purely suction-based solution (which we must admit has proven very effective during the two editions of the picking competition), our robot had a gripper that combined two suction cups, a force-controlled gripper, and compliant spatulas that allowed it to chose from a variety of picking strategies, including suction from the front/top/side of an object, grasping or scooping. 

We believe that in a real scenario, the combination of different picking strategies will be essential to solve the problem of picking and re-stocking in warehouses and stores.






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ZDnet July 11, 2016